Sunday, August 10, 2008

Every year, for the last 31 years, we have gone on a family vacation to Lake Ouachita in the beautiful Ozark Mountains just outside of Hot Springs, Arkansas. I have only missed one summer since I was born, the year that John and I got married. So, this year was no exception. We left on Friday and stayed in Nashville at Moriah and Blake's house. We introduced Django and reintroduced Gypsy to their cousin, Maverick. They were so excited to meet Maverick and his girlfriend, Maybelle, who belongs to Moey and Blake's friends, Justin and Katie.

We got up early on Saturday morning, and in 3 cars, Mo, Blake and Maverick; Justin, Katie and Maybelle; and John, Django, Gypsy and I all headed west to Hot Springs. We were so excited to get to see everyone and spend a week at the lake again this year! We had such a great time! John and I shared an apartment type place with Craigo and Deidre. We always have an awesome time when we get to spend time with them, and were so excited to get to hang out all week! This year was especially fun for all of us because for the first time, we were joined by Kyle, Shelly, and Shelly. They came up on Wednesday night and stayed with us the rest of the week. We had SO much fun!

This week is always such a great time for me, because it means that I get to see my sisters and my mom and dad and Mema. Living so far away from home sometimes takes its toll, and I am always so excited to spend time with them! This week was no exception! We spent lots of time out on the boat with Cap (which is short for 'captain', what John calls my dad) and Mama.

Channing and her fiance, Austin, were there with us as well! Austin's parents came up for a couple of days and brought their new boat!

Of course, Glenda and Dwayne were there too, this year. They are Deidre's parents, and my surrogate mom and dad. We miss them all the time, too! This year we were missing a special part of our group. Derek and his fiance, Casey, weren't able to join us. As well as my Uncle Kenneth and Aunt Barbara. But, Lord willing, they will all be there next year!!!

Here are some more pictures from our great week! They will all be out of order, but you will get the idea!

This is our gang. We all stayed in the Firehouse. What a great time!

I heart my Shellys!!!!!
Kyle, Shelly, and Shelly out on the boat

So beautiful!!!!
Chillin on the boat

I love this picture! Deidre and me skiing together. It's tradition!

Mo, Chan, and me sitting outside the bath house where we just finished our massages!

Mom and me on the boat
That's all for now. I think that I finally am updated on all of our happenings from this summer. I am sure that I will find some more things to post about soon! Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Here we go with John on his wakeboard. He is really fun to watch out there!...for most people....honestly, I am the careful wife, and he makes me nervous. Go figure. But, he loves it, and he didn't hurt himself too bad this year!