Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Birthday Present

Well, I finally got them!!! After months of searching, I finally decided on which golf clubs I wanted! You would think that living in the epicenter of the golf world, it would be easy to find a good set of clubs. Well, in part, you would be correct. But, the thing that I also had to take in to consideration is that because we are in Hilton Head, which is the premier place to play golf, things here are ten times as expensive as they should be. My husband, being the wonderful and patient man that he is, took me to several different places and we picked out the perfect set of irons, and then proceded to order them on the internet for half the price! :-) I got a slightly used driver, and a brand new Nike bag! I never thought that I would be that excited about golf clubs, but I am!!!!!!

Thanks to Mom and Dad, Patmommie and Grandaddy, Mema, and Moey and Blake, and of course, Dub for giving me money to get my clubs! This has been a great birthday week!!!!

Also, Mom and Dad got me a sweater from Ann Taylor that I have worn 3 times since I got it 5 days ago, that I LOVE!!!! Patmommie and Grandaddy got me an awesome tank and sweater from Ann Taylor that I will completely wear out, I am sure. And, my sweet sister, Chan, got me a Chris LeDoux box set with 6 CDs in it! I have already listened to all of them, some twice!

This has been a great great great birthday! I have such a great family that makes WAY too much out of birthdays, but they sure are fun! Here are some pics of my new clubs! :-)

Totally cool bag stand!!!!

Notice the Callaway driver!!! I am so cool :-)
It has a really neat fur lined pocket to keep my rings in while I am playing. I's the little things....
This would be my HORRIBLE golf stance. Don't worry, the more I play, the better it will be....I hope!
Such a GREAT birthday!!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Family pictures...

Okay, I just realized that I just posted pictures of our trip home and didn't include any of our family. I know this. I have pictures...really good sweet sister put them on a CD for me because I took them with her camera because my battery was dead. SO, I can't find the CD right now. I will find it. Soon. I promise. I just need to clean my house, which I plan on spending ALL of tomorrow doing. As soon as I find the CD, I will put up pictures of the fam, of my girls night out with Amie, Lacie, and Em., and of our trip to Billy Bob's. I am not slacking, just unorganized for the moment. And, may I stress...FOR THE MOMENT. I am not liking this unorganization. It will end tomorrow :-)

The newest Williams...

His name is Django, and he is SO precious! He is a chocolate lab. Here are some of the cutest pictures that you have ever seen..... stinkin' cute is he????

A continuation....

Okay, so continuing on.....

A stinkin' great picture of Gruene Hall.

I love this picture... the Payne's and the Williams'

Our traditional 'in the parking lot' picture at the end of a road trip.

Shelly and me in the bar at Luckenbach.

No words necessary.

Again... no words can do this justice :-)

Cooper's BBQ in Llano. Now, that's some good eatin'! of the pup!

Too Many Stories....

Let me just start off by saying that these past few weeks have been SO absolutely wonderful! We had such a great time back in the great state of Texas! We spent 16 days at home with our awesome friends, family, good food, great places, and lots and lots of fun and good music!!
Now, we are back in South Carolina....not home, mind you.....just in South Carolina. But, we are excited because we have decided to extend our family. Okay, okay, before you freak out, no, I am not prego. We just decided to get a puppy! We picked him up when we got back here, and he is precious! His name is Django. Too cute for words.
SO...with out further are some pictures to summarize our trip. Not nearly enough to convey how much fun we had....but, just some.

Dave and me....we love him TONS and wish he would move out to SC! :-)

Now, where else in the WORLD besides TEXAS are you going to find great boots above the bar?!
Good friends about to go see a dang good show!!!!
Standing outside our hotel in New Braunfels, about to go see Stoney!!! I love my Shelly!
Yes, this is John and Dave playing checkers while we wait for our table at the New Braunfels Smokehouse. You gotta love old school Texas!!
Oh, the Shelly's.....WE LOVE THEM!!!!
This is the inside of Gruene Hall. A true texas legend!!!
The 'Gang' at Gruene Hall. This was the night we saw Stoney LaRue.
This is one of my favorite pictures! You know what is silly? I can tell you who everyone is, just by their boots :-)
This is the 'Gang'....the complete 'Gang', now because Deidre and Craig and Rik were there. This is the night we saw Reckless Kelly.

The girls.
The Boys. Silly Craig!

This is during the band that opened for Reckless Kelly. They were not great. Notice Rik's face :-)

This is how close we were to the stage. Love me some RK!!!!
"Here's to Willy...."
Okay, I am getting paranoid that I am going to lose all these pictures, so I am going to post this blog, then start on another one to finish up.....I know, I am a freak....