Friday, March 13, 2009

We found a house!!!!

We are so excited! We found a new house that we LOVE! Okay, so yes, technically, we haven't seen it. But we have seen lots of pictures, and Mama and Daddy went out and looked at it for us and took even more pictures. Mama told me that they were going to have us move into their house and they were going to take this one. Haha! A HUGE thank you to Mama, Daddy, Channing, and Mema for driving out to Eagle Mountain Lake to look at this house for us! That ended up being a great life saver! Now, we can move directly into our house instead of having to crash with the parents! Not that I wouldn't have loved sleeping at Mama and Daddy's again, but it's going to be nice to get the move over with! I am sure they are relieved that we won't be bringing the mass chaos into their house, too! :-) Here are a few pictures that Mama took. I will put some more up once we get things moved in.

Living room. I am SO excited it has a wood burning fire place!!!!

Kitchen that is open into the living room

Guest bathroom

Who needs a chiminea when we have a gas fire pit in the back yard?!?!?!?!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mass Chaos!

Okay, I usually consider myself a pretty organized person. Even a little OCD at times. Even a lot OCD at times, I guess, too. But not these days... As we are packing up boxes and preparing to move all of our stuff half way across the country, I am going crazy! This is what we are living in these days...

I will, no doubt, be so glad to get into our new home and have some wonderful friends and family to help me get unpacked and get reorganized as soon as possible! I am going nuts!!!!

I forgot one...

I forgot a story... On Friday night a group of us went to Pepper's Porch for dinner. John and I had been there once before with Johnny and Jill. John decided to hang back and hang out with Bobby, so I went out there to join the others for dinner. We were having a grand old time until Robbie thought it would be a great idea to order a bucket of oysters. Now, for any of you who know me, know that I am in no way, shape, or form, a lover of ANY kind of sea food. It usually makes me gag to just look at it. But, circumstances what they have been for the last 2.5 years, I have tried my best to branch out and try new things. I have tried the shrimp, the crab stuffed founder, the calamari, etc. Not a big fan of any of them to be quite honest. But on Friday night, I reached a whole new level. A level that I will not likely be returning to in the near future. Or the distant future for that matter. I tried an oyster. Yup, I said it. I did. Due to much influence from sweet Johnny, who I call my best friend. Yeah, not so sweet Johnny at that point. He assured me that I would love it. He even put it on a cracker and put red sauce on it for me. That's the "southern" way of eating oysters, I guess. So, because I trust him, for he would CLEARLY never steer me wrong, I tried it..... I though I was going to lose it. But, I successfully kept it down, of course not with out a few yucky faces. So, now I can say that I have eaten an oyster, which is something that my mom informed me that she hasn't even done! And I will NEVER eat another one!!!!!!

This is Johnny promising me that I will like it... LIAR!!!! :-)

Are you SURE that I will like it????

The face says it all!... Never again!!!

So, after dinner at Pepper's Porch we went back to Jocks. Cause that's where we usually end up. Here are a few more pictures of that super fun night...

Jill, Addie, and Me

We never actually made contact. :-) Just a fun picture.

Addie and Glen

Jill and Johnny

I guess I still love him, even though he made me eat an oyster.

Boating on the May River

Last Saturday the weather was absolutely amazing! We had a cloudless day in the low to mid 80s. Just a perfect day for cruising around Bluffton with the top down. No, I don't have a convertible, but even better than that (as far as John is concerned) Jill has one! So, Jill, Erica, and I all decided to spend the day shopping and doing mini makeovers for this spring. The idea was to think out of the box. To find and purchase something that we wouldn't normally even try on, much less buy. We did great! We found a great necklace for Jill and a few great pieces at JCrew. Erica and I also found a few great pieces at JCrew. We all found a GREAT deal on the cutest clutches that you have ever seen in your life! They were on sale at the Coach store. Such a sweet addition to a great day!
To top it all off, we met Johnny and Robbie, Erica's fiance, out on Robbie's boat and went boating on the May River. We ended up in Hilton Head and went to an Oyster Roast. It was so much fun, but the ride home on the boat after the sun went down was really really cold. But we managed. Here are a few of the best pictures...
Jill, Me, and Erica
Captain Jill and Robbie telling her where to go
We saw about 10 dolphins on our way out, just swimming beside the boat. It was SO cool!
Jill was REALLY excited about the dolphins! Love you Jill!!! :-)
Erica and Me
Johnny, Jill, Robbie, and Erica
How beautiful is my sweet Jill? I LOVE this picture of her!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So many things...

It seems that just around the time that things should be winding down here in good ol South Carolina is just the time that they are blazing full speed ahead. So, let me see if I can start putting this in a little bit of an organized manor...

Last thursday was my last day at Old South. Tears... Many flowed... Especially from me, go figure. But, even my boss cried, which I thought was totally sweet! Here are a few pictures from the last hoorah...

The one thing that really got me through a rough day was my sweet Jill. She texted me on Thursday morning and asked me to meet her for a drink after work. Since I knew that I would be a wreck after work, I told her that I thought it was a great idea! So, I met Johnny and Jill, and their friends (now my friends, too) Glen and Addie at our favorite hangout, Jocks. We had a blast and they totally made me feel better by just being there for me. I am sure a few sarcastic comments from Johnny were thrown my way, but hey, that's why we love him! All in all, it was a super fun night....The owner of Jocks, John. (Go figure) He loves Jill and I! And, I guess maybe the boys too. But not as much as us! :-)

Our favorite bartender!

Our traditional picture.

Gotta love that Level Vodka!

My sweet Johnny

Bevin, Jill, and Addie. I am sad that they are going to be getting here after we leave.

What a fun night that was! Stay tuned, I am trying to get caught up...