Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Golf Crew...

So, these few past months we have been doing a lot more golfing. And when I say "we", I mean John AND me. :-) We have started kind of a new, though be it short lived, tradition. For the last few months, Johnny, Jill, John, and I have been playing golf on Sundays. We have so much fun with our sweet friends! Johnny and John usually shoot about the same, and they are so precious for putting up with Jill and me because we usually don't play THAT great. Here are a few pictures that we took one Sunday while we were all out at Old South. Thanks to Jill for putting them on her website, and letting me steal them! :-)
Jill, Johnny, Me, and John
Me and John
Jill and Johnny
Me and Jill
Johnny and Me
Stay tuned, hopefully we will have some more pictures to post soon...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm horrible, I know...

I never promised that I would be great at blogging. I know, I go through spurts. So, I was "gently" reminded by Moriah today that I needed to update my blog. So, here I am...

I mean, I guess you can't really blame me, can you? I am about to pack up our house and move half way across the country. No stress there!

Work is work for both John and me. Same old stuff. John is ready to be out of the shop, and he should only have another couple of weeks before he starts checking out of his command. I have about 3 weeks left at work. I went up today to pick up my paycheck and met the girl that they are hiring to replace me. She seemed very sweet, and so I feel much better about leaving. I would hate to leave them if they didn't have a replacement. Granted, it's Food and Beverage, how hard can it be? But, still. :-)

John's birthday was at the begining of this month, literally, Feb. 1. And because he is an awesome husband, it was his 30th birthday, and I wanted to get him something really great, I flew one of his bestest friends out here to surprise him. Dave got here on Sunday night and was able to stay with us until Thursday night. Monday the boys played 36 holes of golf, 18 of them at the Robert Trent Jones course in Palmetto Dunes. Tuesday, they played another 36, at Old South and at Parris Island. Wednesday, they played at Savannah Harbor, and it was about 30 degrees with 30 mph winds. Not a fun day, but they were sports, and totally stuck it out. Thursday, because I got some good hook ups through my work, they were able to play at Harbour Town. It was a great week for the boys. He said that he had a great time, and it was SO good to have Dave here!

This past weekend, we kinda decided to sneak out of town for one last time before we head back to the great state! We went to Isle of Palms with our sweet friends Johnny and Jill. Again, Jill and I were able to talk the guys into going by promising them that they could play golf all weekend. Haha! Which they did, but was perfectly okay because Jill and I spent the weekend shopping and at the spa! I had my very first facial, and my goodness, I am totally hooked! We spent Valentines night at a great restaurant and had a fantastic four course dinner! Another wonderful dinner on Sunday was followed up by a quick trip home on Monday, 18 more holes of golf for the boys and more shopping for Jill and me. We think that one of these days the boys will catch on and make us quit going shopping while they golf. But, hey, for now, we are definitely taking advantage! :-)

Here is a picture that has become a tradition for me on road trips. This is my precious Jill and me on our way to Isle of Palms. We are in the car by ourselves because the boys left super early to get a head start on the golfing. So, she and I antiqued and made a few stops on the way to the hotel. It was a blast!!!!

So, now, I guess, it's back to reality. Back to realizing that we only have one month and 2 days left here. Back to stressing about finding a house, packing up all that we own, and finding employment. Which, in all reality means working on my resume, which I am totally dreading. As a matter of fact, I am blogging right now to put off working on it... Nice.
I am sure I say this every time I post, but I will try to be better about blogging, especially with the move coming up. I will try to keep everyone posted. So, until next time, hope everyone has a great week! We will see y'all soon!